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Human Dynamics
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This is the best facilitation I have ever participated in. You got people energized and involved. You did an outstanding job facilitating a very tense off-site meeting. You were candid, fair, and effective in teasing out the major issues and focusing attention on solutions to improving relations between the two offices. Very impressive!

Kay Holt Director Resources

US Federal Environmental Protection Agency, USA
It is rare that you get more than you pay for in a program. You have done that. You have added real value here. I’m sure it is the first or near-first time that Korea and China leaders have had multiple business knowledgeable people help them think about and write a forward plan. Likewise, the new Thailand leaders have had a ‘bulletin-board’ test on their plans and learned where to sharpen up, while the Philippines and Hong Kong leaders have had an ‘energy-boost’ challenge handed to them with suggestions and real support. So, already very good results.

Ray Church VP Finance

CFO for Leighton Asia Limited, Hong Kong
I’ve worked with facilitators from around the world for many years and I have to say, Eileen if you are not the best facilitator in the world then you are one of the best.

Greg Bourne, CEO

World Wildlife Fund, Australia, Hong Kong
I really valued your work and perspective. Our VP was very impressed at how you worked with this group and helped them worked more productively. Thanks.

Mike Brown HR manager

RHDonnelly, USA
I knew if this meeting didn’t work it could be the end of the United Way. I don’t know how you did it but you helped save the organization.

Brian A. Gallagher, President

United Way of America, USA
Staff are coming up to tell me how much we have to keep Eileen working for us. Your services are a very good investment and help us work better with internal and external teams. Thank you. You are professional, well prepared and we appreciate your high energy. You understand our culture and are flexible to our needs. We appreciate that since you are working in both North America and Denmark. You help us achieve success in reaching our objectives. Thank you.

Jerry Allen, Employment Manager Novozymes North America

Novozymes, USA and Denmark
Just wanted to thank you for a really great job at the conference. You coped with all our zigzagging with great calm and aplomb. Eileen, you were the spirit of calm and harmony on the day which I am sure rubbed off on everyone (it worked on me!) I’m actually still amazed the action groups ran so well – and so perfectly to time. We imposed a really tight schedule on you and you stuck to it perfectly.

Frances Bell, Communications Consultant for the Van Heyst Group

African Green Revolution Conference 2008, Norway
You asked some hard questions, surfaced helpful insights and suggestions, made me laugh and “walked the talk” in care for other people. Thank you for a job well done and helping us achieve success.

Laurie Ringaert Researcher and Project Manager for ‘Measure Up North’

Canadian Centre on Disability Studies, Canada