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Human Dynamics
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Meetings are reality, attending poor meetings doesn’t have to be


Unfortunately, the worst thing about meetings is they’re so poorly run and they waste people’s valuable time.

Use our facilitators for:

  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Focus Groups
  • Business Dialogue
  • Staff Retreats
  • Team-building
  • Business Development

During a facilitation we:

  • 1Establish ground rules to guide group dynamics.
  • 2Assist in developing a sound process and agenda for accomplishing the objectives of the session.
  • 3Create an environment in which people can participate safely, be accountable for their actions and perform with maximum efficiency.
  • 4Manage the process to help ensure that discussions stay focused and respect and due consideration are given to all views.
  • 5Manage challenging behaviors.
  • 6Keep the energy high and preventing the process from stalling.
  • 7Close the session with a clear view of the accomplishments made and the activities to be undertaken at the next session.
  • 8Create a report summarizing the information captured during the focus group sessions.
There is a difference between using a facilitative style and being a facilitator. Leaders and instructors can use a facilitative style or you can use a facilitator to use a trained facilitator to help guide the meeting process to deliver richer more complete products with higher levels of individual commitment and group synergy.

Instructors or leaders using a facilitative style are:

  • Experts in both content and process.
  • Tasked to ensure learners’ direction and decisions are on target.
  • Responsible for; motivating learners, creating positive learning environment.
  • Guides, instigators, partners and leaders.

Facilitators are:

  • Guides focused on meeting processes, group dynamics and leading the group to reach its desired outcomes.
  • Tasked to ensure the meeting is inclusive, productive, collaborative.
  • Responsible for planning agendas, creating productive group environments, developing appropriate group processes, encouraging participation

For your next meeting consider using these meeting commandments.