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Some of our popular programs include:

Agile Business Leader

Leaders around the world are being called on to be adaptive, flexible and responsive to emerging trends and demanding customers. They are called to be AGILE. Leaders must develop skills that ensure they provide value for the organization and stay ahead of shifting industry conditions and marketplace demands. The ABL Program is a multifaceted process for strategically developing skill sets, knowledge and behaviors needed by an organization for recruitment, retention, performance management and succession planning. This action-learning program incorporates experiential learning, coaching and facilitated planning sessions.

The Agile Business Leader program is designed to bring together senior leaders, key contributors and emerging talent together to create powerful think tanks driving the company towards future success.

Topics include:

Communicate, Motivate, Celebrate

Success comes from looking for better ways to produce results and inspire commitment and performance. Critical competencies for today’s workforce include; proficiently, creating opportunities, directing work choices and ensuring high job performance. This program is designed for understanding ways to effectively communicate your message, motivate people and celebrate successes to accomplish critical path tasks.

Topics include:

Communicating to Overcome Resistance

Having the aptitude to communicate effectively is paramount in any relationship. Employees succeed by developing effective communication styles, including; committed to improving relationships by openly and honestly discussing and resolving issues. This program is designed for understanding ways to overcome present resistance and become orientated to the future.

Topics include:

Contracting with Clients

Building strong relationships with clients comes from looking for better ways to influence commitment, dynamics and results. This program includes all the essential elements to help you become a competent communicator who can establish supportive environments, generate valuable dialogue and build a rapport with your clients. During this program you will gain and experience a solid foundation help participants understand ways to effectively communicate with both their internal and external customers

Topics include:

Customer Communication

Success in relationships comes from looking for better ways to produce results and influence commitment and dynamics. Critical competencies for today’s workforce include; proficiency, creating opportunities, directing work choices and ensuring high job performance. This program is designed for understanding ways to effectively communicate your message to people and accomplish critical path tasks.

Topics include:

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is now being recognized as an important differentiator in the workplace with regards to personal and organizational success. Emotional intelligence or EQ, is about self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills for working together for successful results. This program will teach you EQ fundamentals for; understanding how your emotions affect your thoughts and actions, channeling your emotions for constructive purposes, and recognizing the emotional triggers in others so you can resolve conflicts and improve communications.

Topics include:

Innovation Essentials

Innovation is about people creating value by implementing new ideas. Organizations who embrace creative problem solving and innovation can more easily meet the challenges and opportunities for improving performance. This program teaches the basics of; shifting creativity to innovation, transforming ideas into valuable solutions and developing concepts to benefit employees and customers. “Innovation Essentials” provides you with great practical techniques for generating and evaluating ideas.

Topics include:

The Mediating Leader

Leaders, like mediators focus on the future. The mediating leader re-focuses issues towards future performance and expectations. Today’s leaders can use mediation techniques for a wide variety of disputes that arise between employees, departments, competitors or customers. By internalizing and practicing the skills and techniques learned in this program, a leader will become successful at working through disputes.

Topics include:

Meeting Facilitation Essentials

Successful results occur when you develop interpersonal relationships to inspire commitment and shape the performance of others by running effective meetings. This program helps you become a competent facilitator who can establish a supportive environment, generate dialogue and build upon the talents and efforts of group members. This program provides a solid foundation for designing a meeting process and using meeting techniques for helping groups meet their desired outcome. This course can also help you prepare becoming a CMF- Certified Master Facilitator and is certified by the International Institute for Facilitation

Topics include:

Teambuilding for a Better Workplace

Great things can happen when a group of people work together as a team. High performing teams share; greater productivity, increased employee satisfaction, reduced employee turnover, increased creativity and problem-solving ability, and more loyal customers. Through this innovative session, your team will explore the value of diversity and communication.

Topics include:

Working Through Conflict

Failure to confront can lead to acceptance of unacceptable behavior. This program focuses on practicing and polishing ways to confront a person in order to resolve a conflict. Using the SOLVETM method, we teach people ways to improve relationships and address issues.

Topics include:

Workplace Harassment

When harassment and discrimination exist in an organization, financial liabilities increase and efficiency decreases. A loss in productivity can lead to a negative impact on employee satisfaction and performance. This course provides an interactive approach for dealing with harassment and its prevention. It not only offers the basics of what constitutes harassment and ways to protect your employees and your organization from legal turmoil, it also addresses the more subtle and equally important issues of communication and perception that factor heavily into harassment cases. This program provides you with immediate tools to effectively cope with harassment issues and gives you useful methods for dealing with all types of potentially confrontational situations.

Topics include:

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