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BarryBarry Brewster is a Principal with Evans and Peck specialising in facilitating change in a variety of business environments. With over twenty five years of experience in Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada and the United States he works as an educator, leadership consultant, and coach helping executives move their companies forward by adapting to and profiting from emerging trends. Clients seek out Barry because he successfully helps them leverage their knowledge and wisdom to produce sustainable results. Barry holds a Master Degree in Change Management (Applied Science) a Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Service Management both from RMIT University in Australia, and an Associate Diploma in Civil Engineering from Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Barry is a founding executive of the Institute of Facilitators Hong Kong and a board member of the International Institute for Facilitation. In addition he holds accreditation for providing several Psychometric instruments including Harrison Assessment, MBTI, Human Patterns and Human Synergistic. Barry’s unique ability to facilitate learning, energise people towards innovation and bring about change is what makes him a AGILE leader in the industry.

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